About William Hosmer

Self portrait of William Hosmer as a Moose


Who is this 19th century artist who is showing up in the work of Peter Aitkens? His  name is William Hosmer. He lives and paints in the Adirondacks in Upstate New York. Until now completely unknown, he inserts himself into contemporary 21st century Art and culture. You will recognize him by his bowler hat, his arty tie and on his sleeve, his overriding ambition to make Art and Laughter. Like many contemporary artists he does not actually hand-make his own work but rather commissions Peter Aitkens to be the chief curator and fabricator of his work. Likewise Peter Aitkens  sets William Hosmer  on quests for the sublime and the ridiculous. Hosmer has the tremendous advantage of being unencumbered by time, fashion,reason or success, in fact his meager triumphs are only attributable to his delusional notions of importance. In response to a commission, Peter Aitkens will use anything such as; birch bark,mica,wasp nest paper,name it, the possibilities are endless when dealing  with the demands and vision of William Hosmer.

To learn more about William Hosmer go to Life of William Hosmer in categories.

You can now see Paintings by Peter Aitkens for William Hosmer in categories.


A Copy of Advertising Copy

Presenting new paintings by Peter Aitkens for William Hosmer. Among their revelations one will discover a fresh relationship between Paint, Birchbark, and the Spiritual adventure. Equally notable is the most excellent experimental work ever in the Oeuvre of fabricator Peter Aitkens.

And now, the assurance of freedom of imagination and unlimited viewing elevates an already rarified experience.

A painting by Peter Aitkens for William Hosmer. A milestone for those who created it and for those who get it.

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