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  1. Peter, they are wonderful. There are many I like-Picture Perfect Blues, some of the others I’ve forgotten the name for.What if the price for that one?

  2. Hi Peter,
    A spectacular body of work. If I had the money and wall space, I would have purchased a large part of your collection by now.
    Take care,
    Mike Zelovics

  3. Hi Peter,
    What a wonderful web site! I really enjoyed seeing how your work has continued to develop in new directions through the years. The scenes by your cottage brought back many good memories.of our brief time together there. I love the birches and the canoes.
    Blessings on the journey.
    Paul Bergsma

  4. Hey Peter,
    Great to see your work here. I hope Jeannie has mentioned our emails, and you will get in touch.

  5. I have a framed print of a young man walking towards an outdoor hockey rink wearing a Lemieux outfit carrying a hockey stick. It is signed Peter Aitkens, 93 is this one of your works?

  6. Cool, hard to tell other than the long hair but changes how I look at it now. I won it in a radio promotion in Charleston S.C. I signed up going to a game and they picked me. I love it hangs on my wall next to my desk. Thanks!

  7. Hello Peter, I work at Letko Brosseau and see a lot of your work, which I greatly appreciate. Would it be possible to get in touch with you with regards to some your work? thank you, Mila

  8. Peter,
    Did you do ” A perfect stroke” ? 1980’s Olympic swimmer. Numbered and signed

  9. Peter, Love those birch bark pieces, very fun, but lots of depth and associations.

  10. Thanks Peter for the reply happy holidays

  11. If I’m ever able to buy some art, I know who to contact. Nice meeting you! Barbara

  12. Hi Peter, really enjoyed looking through these!

  13. Hi Peter, I really enjoyed our conversation a couple of weeks ago at my graduation exhibition. Here’s my email:

  14. You never run out of new creations!!! And they’re always engaging……………… I marvel at your ability to directly relate to the many and varied places you’ve inhabited.

    • Hi Jeanne, Thanks for the comment. I always wonder if the many styles and mediums are confusing to the viewers. But every painting is a new beginning. Hope to see you this summer.

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