June 15, 2017

Tie Dye 2

DSC_0381Acrylic and Coloured Pencil on Paper    22 x 30 inches       2009
Got Tie Dye 2 get to Heaven.

June 10, 2017

Chez Lucho and Ejti, Bolivia


Acrylic, Coloured Pencil on Photocopies on Paper   22 x 38 inches      2002

June 8, 2017



Acrylic and Coloured Pencil on Silk on Panel   22 x 15 inches        1992

Costa Rica

June 5, 2017



Acrylic, Birchbark, and Coloured Pencil on Paper      22 x 30 inches           2017

June 3, 2017

Tie Dye 1


Acrylic, birchbark, and Coloured Pencil on Paper     22 x 30 inches        2009

It’s tie dye for.

June 1, 2017



Acrylic, Birchbark, and Coloured Pencil on Paper   22 x 15 inches   2014

May 24, 2017

Mountains of my Life: Detail 5


Acrylic and Epoxy on Cardboard on Birchbark      2016

Jesus’ mountain of Defeat and Victory
Defeating sin and death
The Victory of Love


May 22, 2017

Mountains of my Life: Detail 4


Acrylic, epoxy and cardboard on Birchbark       2016

A mountain of Adventure
Machu Pichu,
Mountains of Revelation
and Conversion,
my cabin at the foot.

May 13, 2017

Mountains of my Life: Detail 3


Epoxy and cardboard on Birchbark        2016

A volcano becomes an island of forests,
in the middle of a mighty river.
Home of the Mohawk (Haudenosaunee)
Then the Holy settlement of Ville-Marie,
Mount Royal,
Montreal my city of français and english
and now the nations of the world come to us.

May 12, 2017

Mountains of my Life: Detail 2

DSC_0774Epoxy and Cardboard on Birchbark      2016

Atop Lyon mountain, a watch tower
To look across the valleys for fire and call out a warning
I took a warning in my soul.