English breakfast Tea


Watercolour and coloured pencil on paper    9 x 12 inches     2016


4 Comments to “English breakfast Tea”

    • Hi Eleonora,
      Thanks for your comment. I did the watercolours of tea while staying at an airbnb in Melbourne Australia. It was the home of the buyer at T2, a large tea company in Australia. She said, “Help yourself to Tea I have an infinite supply.” I was in heaven and whenever I tried a new tea I did a little painting.
      I enjoyed your site, So much to explore.


      • Thanks so much for stopping by Peter. What a nice story about your watercolors. I am actually thinking of posting a blog post about a tea adventure I had with some of my drawings to illustrate it since I don’t have pictures to illustrate it as it happened a couple years ago already. Thanks for the inspiration!

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