Light, Slowness, and Birchbark


Acrylic, Coloured Pencil and Birchbark on Paper
14 x 11 inches     2015

2 Comments to “Light, Slowness, and Birchbark”

  1. Dear Peter,

    Kim and I wish that we could attend your upcoming show. Looking forward to hearing all about it. Would be great to see how your paintings will be arranged in the gallery.

    Wondering if you and I could get in a phone call sometime after the show. What day of the week / time might work for you?

    As you saw in our Facebook photos, we borrowed a friend’s aluminum canoe and did some paddling in the ocean. Great to get out with Jared, Eric, and Kim.

    There are not a lot of used canoes on the marked in Vancouver. Last weekend we took the plunge and purchased a 20-year-old “home made” cedar strip canoe. This weekend we will be working on patching it. The canoe pales in comparison with you canoe or Ken’s. We wanted something basic. Will see if we do a full restoration. The wood is in good shape, however the fiberglass is de-laminated in a few places. Would love to live around the corner from you so that I could glean from your advice. We will see if the canoe is ocean ready.

    Please say hi to Jeannie for us.


    • HI Tom, Thanks for your note, I will be posting, on Facebook, photos of the opening and other news as it happens. You can call me in the Mornings: Mondays, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. Evenings are fine too. Yeah, I wish I was closer as well, every summer I seem to have a friend’s canoe in my boathouse. This year it was a 1952 Old Town canoe with mahogany thwarts, decks and gunwales. Such a gem, painted a rich green with the red wood. Once again thanks for staying in touch. Blessings on you and Kim, Peter

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