The Looker


Acrylic on Linen      16 x 32 inches      1993

One Comment to “The Looker”

  1. Dear Peter,

    Great to see “The Looker” this morning. Reminds me of visiting your cottage.

    I had received a return email from Jeannie indicating that she is off work. How is she doing?

    It is so difficult when our loved ones are not well.

    The past month has been a bit of a blur. Never imagined Kim having Giant Cell Myocarditis, let alone a heart transplant.

    Emotionally things are a bit tender, especially heading into Thanksgiving.

    Please pray that Kim’s strength would increase, that her blood clots would reduce, that her GI issues would be resolved, and that her new heart would not be rejected. Just posted on Caring Bridge.



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